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Welcome to the American Chamber of Commerce in South Africa (AmCham)

AmCham is affiliated to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the world`s largest business federation which represents nearly 3 million businesses of every size and which is based in Washington DC.

AmCham was founded in 1977 as a non-profit association and operates without financial assistance from government. We promote and advance the interests and views of U.S. business in South Africa.

Through AmCham, business people of the United States and South Africa are able to come together and promote their mutual interests.
 South African News
Bringing down the house
The ANC caucus wants tough action to be taken against EFF leader Julius Malema and his 24 MPs after they forced the unprecedented suspension of President Jacob Zuma's reply to questions in parliament.
Beaten wives betrayed
Last year 250000 applications were made for preliminary protection orders and only one in three was granted.
Nine more years of mud schools
If the Education Department continues replacing mud schools with permanent buildings at its current pace it will not finish until 2023.