Brandholder Anti-Counterfeiting Forum

Chairperson:                  Raj Pather (Brand Protection Manager – Nike South Africa)

Vice Chairperson:         Johann Guldenpfennig (Brand Protection Manager – Skye Distribution)

The Brandholder Anti-Counterfeiting (BAC) Forum is a newly launched Forum, established to encourage collaboration between brandholders to address common issues such as counterfeiting, relationships with law enforcement agencies, lobbying and advocacy, and training sessions.


  1. To address cross-cutting issues experienced by brandholders.
  2. To lobby government in terms of pressing matters.
  3. To engage with law enforcement agencies to establish a valid working relationship, and open channels of communication.

Past Speakers have included:

  • Joe van Der Walt, CEO at Focus Africa, on “The Intelligence Approach – Fighting Counterfeiting in Africa”
  • Braam Schoeman, Brand protection Manager: Africa at S.C. Johnson & Son, on “A discussion on anti-counterfeiting measures in Africa”
  • Freek van Rooyen, Partner: Trade, Energy & Transport Division at Shepstone & Wylie Attorneys on “The Border Management Authority Bill: Will it enhance trade?”
  • Amanda Lotheringen, Senior Manager: Copyright and IP Enforcement at the CIPC, on “Fragmented Enforcement Strategies”

Copies of these presentations can be accessed here.

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